Stories from The Hearth Podcast
Home Bound Oregon
SOhumans Story Collection Project

Stories from The Hearth Podcast

Stories from The Hearth is a new program airing on Jefferson Public Radio presenting local stories recorded from Hearth story nights in Southern Oregon. Beginning in April, Stories from The Hearth will air monthly.

Stories from the Hearth

Homebound Oregon

One town in Oregon seeking to stay connected during the pandemic. Seven episodes were recorded between March of 2020 and December 2021 featuring uplifting stories, songs, humor, and conversations with locals from Ashland, Oregon.


SOhumans (Southern Oregon Humans) is a collection of portraits and stories of local people from Southern Oregon inspired by Humans of New York. The project seeks to foster greater awareness, compassion, and appreciation for the diversity of people who live within the Rogue Valley who are working on the frontlines.

SOhumans (Southern Oregon Humans)
Shaping Ash

Shaping Ash

A podcast about the Almeda Fire, its survivors, and the immense changes left in its wake. Written and recorded by Isabella Ro Ruikis, Sponsored by The Hearth and The Ford Family Foundation and the lab of Professor Frank Chaplen at Oregon State University.