Breaking Down Walls

A Traveling Gallery of Stories from Undocumented Immigrants

Breaking Down Walls is a collection of personal, handwritten stories from members of the immigrant community.  These powerful testimonies were collected by The Hearth staff in Austin, Texas and give voice and humanity to people who are suffering under US immigration policies. Breaking Down Walls is available as a traveling gallery of one hundred handwritten stories as well as video and audio from immigrants sharing their story in front of a live audience.

Breaking Down Walls connects and educates people about the real human struggle of people seeking equality and human rights. As one undocumented woman states, “We are not aliens we are human beings.  At the level of the heart, we are the same. We want the same things as you–a safe place to live, a future for our children, a place to work and contribute to society.”

Breaking Down WallsThe traveling gallery is available for groups interested in amplifying the voices of our immigrant friends and neighbors. For more information, please contact Monica Tornoe at or 512-627-9389.