Jefferson Monthly*Article on post-presidential election conversation facilitated by The Hearth on November 13th, 2016 from Ashland Daily Tidings.

An October 2016 story about The Hearth’s special live storytelling event that took place after the one year anniversary of the shooting at Umpqua Community College.

August 2016 Interview with Mark Yaconelli on Nomad Podcast in England on The Transforming Power of Stories.

*“Real Talk About Race” article on the special event facilitated by The Hearth in partnership with Oregon Department of Humanities.

*Interview with Mark Yaconelli on storytelling and community for The Ford Family Foundation.

*Poet Angela Decker has a column on The Hearth entitled “Personal Stories Build Community” for The Ashland Daily Tidings.

*Secrets Shared is the title of this October 29, 2013, Ashland Daily Tidings cover story on The Hearth Community.

*Jefferson Monthly the magazine for Southern Oregon and Northern California public radio has a feature article on the hearth by Jennifer Margulis.

*Craig Comstock at the HuffingtonPost wrote a nice article on the Hearth as a format for addressing difficult issues and building community within small towns.

*January 2012 cover story from the Ashland Tidings on the work of the Hearth with excerpts from previous tellers and a feature article by Mark Yaconelli.

*January 2013 cover story on the Hearth and the subject of bullying.

*You can read about the Hearth from the Ashland Daily Tidings article.