• 2020 Certificate in Community Storytelling Program

    Consent and Release to Photograph and/or Record and/or Refer

    Throughout the Certificate in Community Storytelling Training, whether in person or online, The Hearth, its employees, or persons hired by The Hearth may photograph, record, tape, film, or electronically capture participants’ name, likeness, image, voice, biographical and personal information, appearance and/or performance, and/or writing(s) (collective work). The images, photos, videos, etc. may be used in program, promotional, and advertising materials disseminated to the public through newspapers, magazines, our website, social media, and other channels deemed appropriate and safe by The Hearth.

    Unless otherwise indicated below, I further grant The Hearth full permission to use original footage, data, voice or image as shall be deemed necessary; to use, edit, reproduce, and/or publish photographs, video, and audio of my participation while attending the Certificate in Community Storytelling and thereafter in perpetuity; that the work and my name may be used, published and distributed without remuneration to me, for educational, instructional or promotional purposes in print or over open broadcast, cable, audio-visual, radio, closed-circuit exhibition, computer, or other medium for purposes as deemed appropriate by The Hearth. The Hearth may also represent or refer to my likeness/project work/public information about my organization or project on its social media and/or in press releases, media interviews, print articles and/or podcasts.

    For these purposes, I waive and relinquish my personal rights, and privacy rights. I hereby waive all rights to any claim for royalties or other payments. Said work and all components thereof shall become the property of The Hearth and may be copyrighted in its own name or a name of its choosing.

    This consent will remain in effect until changed in writing by using this opt out form with The Hearth’s administration.

    Download a copy of this form as a PDF.

    Please note: Only complete and return the form below if you wish to OPT OUT of this release.

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