Sharing the Stories that Matter Most

The Hearth’s Keepsake program is a reflective, creative, healing process for gathering and sharing the treasured stories of your life. Based on over ten years of experience, Keepsake offers practical exercises, individual coaching, and a supportive peer group as participants recall and preserve important life experiences. The six-week program begins with a day-long life story retreat followed by five weekly two-hour workshops. Between weekly gatherings, participants are given simple exercises and tools to help them gather, discern, and craft their significant life stories. Each participant also receives a one-hour coaching session with a veteran story coach. At the end of the six-week program, participants receive their choice of a life story keepsake: either a professional video recording, a professional audio recording, or a printed book that includes a formatted and edited transcript of your personal stories.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Helpful exercises to help you unearth the important stories of your life
  • A compassionate peer group to accompany you through the process
  • Teaching and tools to make your stories memorable and compelling
  • A keepsake video or audio recording to share with loved ones

For information about the Keepsake program, please send an email to

Keepsake: Legacy Story Program