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“Storytelling is the one true democracy.”
–Colum McCann

In a world that is becoming increasingly polarized, it is storytelling that can connect us. Since 2010, The Hearth has used the power of story to build community and heal divisions. This is deeply relational work that requires lots of volunteers, time, and heartfelt effort. It also requires money.

In 2019, we will continue to produce local storytelling gatherings and retreats, and will launch new initiatives that foster relationships between local Latino and Anglo populations and help local high school students cultivate empathy. We are also introducing The Certificate in Community Storytelling which will teach nonprofit leaders, teachers, journalists, and activists how to use story to bridge divisions, amplify marginalized voices, and deepen relationships. Your support is greatly appreciated and necessary to undertake these and other initiatives. Below are a number of ways you can give to The Hearth and contribute to this important work.

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Donation Form