The Certificate in Community Storytelling provides practical tools that draw individuals and communities together in meaningful and healing ways.–Shannon Savage-Howe 2019 participant

Personal storytelling is one of the most intimate forms of communication. Telling our story in community has the potential to bridge divides, cultivate trust, and inspire action by inviting those gathered to better understand what others have lived, suffered, and overcome. All human divisions could be healed if we would only take the time to listen to one another’s stories.

The Hearth offers an intensive certification program in community storytelling for those interested in the transformational power of stories. The Certificate in Community Storytelling offers a variety of experiential exercises, individual skill-building, practical teaching, online discussion groups, and written and online resources. Individuals who complete the certification course will:

  • Understand how stories function in our personal and public lives.
  • Learn how to create transformative events that deepen relationships within a local community or organization.
  • Explore narrative practices that promote individual growth, social awareness, and community action.
  • Learn how to create a variety of public story-sharing platforms that engender trust and vulnerability.
  • Gain concrete skills for community storytelling including story recruitment, event promotion, audience building, public participation, media integration, and fundraising.
  • Learn how to craft personal stories for speaking, teaching, and facilitation.
  • Increase skills for coaching groups and individuals in personal storytelling.
  • Discover methods for amplifying the voice of marginalized populations.
  • Learn how to apply storytelling techniques within personal, professional, and community settings.

Whether you do this course for personal or professional reasons, it will give you hope for humanity.–Khaliqa Baqi 2019 participant

“In a time of increased polarization, it is storytelling that can connect us.”

– Mark Yaconelli

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Additional Information:

Mark Yaconelli

The Hearth offers a week-long intensive Certificate in Community Storytelling for those interested in learning and applying the transformational power of stories in personal and professional settings. This specialized certification program will assist community and organizational leaders in learning a variety of skills, techniques, and processes for producing community storytelling programs and using stories to meet important objectives. The next program will begin with an online intensive from November 8th  – 11th,  with additional coaching and six months of personalized online training, troubleshooting, and structured discussion with The Hearth founder, Mark Yaconelli. A second, culminating intensive will be held April 7th – 10th, 2021.

What is The Hearth?

The Hearth is a nonprofit organization that uses transformational storytelling to help communities and organizations deepen trust, celebrate individual courage, address social problems, and strengthen group identity and purpose.

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