Answering your FAQ’s about our Certificate in Community Storytelling Training

Answering your FAQ’s about our Certificate in Community Storytelling Training: From our Operations Director, Susannah Cole Q: Does it matter if I don’t have a “significant” story to share? A: Everyone has a story to tell. There is no such thing as a story too small or insignificant [...]

2023 Certificate in Community Storytelling!

We love our community builders! This past spring we held our first IN-PERSON Certificate in Community Storytelling training in four years! So beautiful to share space with educators, faith leaders, nonprofit administrators, artists, therapists, activists, and other community builders. In addition, last March we facilitated our first of two online [...]

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The medicinal qualities of stories

A couple of weeks ago I met with national book award recipient Colum McCann to discuss the medicinal qualities of stories. We began by piling up anxieties: political divisiveness, catastrophic climate change, wealth inequality, systemic racial violence. “We’ve become morally homeless,” Colum lamented. “Our lack of affection for others [...]

Blowing on the embers of a fire

Storyteller Elizabeth Ellis refers to storytelling in community as “blowing on the embers of a fire.” The sacred truths of this world are hidden within the reality of human experience. The language of that experience is story.  It’s through story that communities are bound, through story that individual identities [...]

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