Between the Listening and the Telling: How Stories Can Save Us

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“Now more than ever, we need a teacher and a book such as this.”–Anne Lamott, from the foreword

In an increasingly fast-paced and fractured world, sharing stories can be a radical and deeply human practice for uncovering the ties that bind us to one another. Story invites us to step into the reality of another person’s existence and instead of judgment feel kinship. In the pages of Between the Listening and the Telling, storyteller, author, and activist Mark Yaconelli leads readers into an enchanting meditation on the power of storytelling in our individual and collective lives. Stories can tether us to what matters most: our families, our friends, our hearts, our planet, the wondrous mystery of life itself.

With a foreword by Anne Lamott, Between the Listening and the Telling offers real world examples of how stories can save us. Through his work with The Hearth nonprofit, Yaconelli has served communities across the United States and United Kingdom to bridge divisions, heal trauma, shed light on injustice, and recover hope. In this moving exploration, he shows us how we can recover the practice of storytelling to transform our world, our families, and ourselves.

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