Training That Makes a Difference

Improve your storytelling skills while learning how to build and strengthen community within a transformative, collaborative, and supportive learning environment. The Hearth offers training in the Certificate in Community Storytelling for anyone interested in learning how to use the power of personal storytelling to heal, enrich, and mobilize communities for good.

Transformational Storytelling

We believe that in an increasingly fast-paced and fractured world, sharing stories can be a radical and deeply human practice for strengthening common values, combating loneliness, and inspiring compassionate actions. Join one of our online gatherings, attend a retreat, or come to one of our live storytelling events in Ashland, Oregon.

Building Community One Story at a Time

We have worked with traumatized communities to encourage healing, small towns to foster connection, marginalized populations to increase awareness and respect, and have trained hundreds of community leaders, nonprofits, pastors, teachers, and professional groups in the art of community storytelling.