We love our community builders!

This past spring we held our first IN-PERSON Certificate in Community Storytelling training in four years! So beautiful to share space with educators, faith leaders, nonprofit administrators, artists, therapists, activists, and other community builders. In addition, last March we facilitated our first of two online certificate trainings with generous souls from communities across the country.

We asked participants from each program if they would write an endorsement for the training.

Here is a sample:

Amazing and important work for learning, healing, and teaching. I can’t explain fully how important this work is for the future of humankind!

You will grow in confidence, courage, and vulnerability and learn to create spaces of connection, healing, and growth.

Learn the skills to tell stories and create community while forming deep connections with other participants.

Experience the magic of community storytelling in action.

Share deeply of self and receive deeply from others in a well-structured, honest, respectful, and occasionally super fun environment.

You will get to know the depth of your soul and the depth of others.

Learn more and register for upcoming trainings here.