It is almost six weeks since the Almeda, Obenchain and Slater fires tore through our region. Since then, we hope some of you have been able to connect in deep listening with people in your lives, with resource sites, or with other organizations or groups offering listening resources. Many sites are still looking for volunteers. We have spent time coordinating logistics and plans with other groups in the region and will have updated volunteer opportunities and project news in this meeting. Please join The Hearth for an evening of connection and collaboration.

Monday,  October 19 6:30-8:30 on Zoom

In this two-hour workshop we will reflect on our recent experiences of compassionate listening and practice a group debriefing process. We will also discuss opportunities for serving the community. Anyone who is engaged in compassionate listening is welcome, even if you did not attend a prior workshop. If you are not already on our list and would like to join this evening, please email for the Zoom link:

If you need listening, would like to have someone to hear your story, or want to sign up to volunteer, please click here.