The Hearth Austin event, “Breaking Down Walls” was a powerful, much needed night of stories from people who have suffered under U.S. immigration policies. As one teller said, “At the level of the heart we are the same. We want the same things. We want a safe place to live, a future for our children, a place to work and contribute to society. We are not ‘aliens.’ We are human beings. We are just like you.”

Much thanks to Monica Tornoe for all her work in setting up a gallery of handwritten stories from undocumented immigrants in Austin and for helping to produce the live event. Great heaps of gratitude to our storytellers Alex Gutierrez, Siliva Zubieta, Cinthya Zapata, Patricia Torres, Andres Cavazos, Julieta Garibay and all of our musicians: Carlos Ufret, Diana Naranjo, Teresita and Mauricio Callejas.

Thank you to the nearly 300 people who came out for the evening. All proceeds from event went to Grassroots Leadership–a powerful organization working to stop mass incarceration and the criminalization of immigrants in Austin.

If you would like to display this gallery of stories from undocumented immigrants at your organization, church, or event please send a message to