Oregon Shakespearean actor Eduardo Placer, horse trainer Tedi Tate, Providence Hospital chaplain Fred Grewe, and world renown fiddler Kevin Carr have all joined Mary Landberg and Renee Miereanu, as storytellers for “Temporary Insanity” this Thursday, June 19th from 7 to 9pm. Duane Whitcomb has pulled together an incredible group of musicians including blues duo Joseph Seamons and Benjamin Hunter from Seattle (fiddle and banjo) and sweetheart singer-songwriter Madeline Schmidt from Medford (who stole the show last summer) as well as others. The Hearth is still only $5 and all proceeds will be given to the crisis helpline at Community Works in Medford.

A big THANKS to the Ashland Coop for sponsoring our summer Hearth event.

Make sure you gather your friends and walk, bike, or carpool (lets reduce our carbon footprint and leave the parking to those who truly need it) this Thursday night for another beautiful gathering.