DSC06416We had record-breaking attendance last night at the Hearth. Over 300 people turned out to hear true tales from the criminal justice system. The stories were raw and heartfelt and the music was powerful with a gorgeous closing song by Wendi Stanek, Andrew Brock, and Steve Fain (the song was “Demise” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Lyrics are here).

We have  launched The Hearth as a new model of community-building here in Southern Oregon. We need your financial support to expand our programs and broaden our audience (our online campaign is here).  Since 2010, the Hearth has produced twenty community events in which over a hundred local folks from forest rangers and receptionists, to lawyers and cafeteria workers have stood in front of their neighbors and shared true stories from their own lives. We have hosted over eighty local musicians and raised awareness of and funds for eighteen different nonprofits in our area. The Hearth has developed a creative, meaningful, compassionate approach to strengthening local communities. Now we need your support in order to develop:

  • Weekly Gatherings
  • Family Nights
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Community Retreats
  • Other Special Community-Building Events

Online fundraiser. We have just launched an online fundraising campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-hearth-community  Simply go to the Indiegogo link and make a donation of any amount. There are fun incentives for different giving levels including the “Beer and Bolognese Package” the “Pasta and Pinot Package” and the “Storytelling Workshop Package.” Click on the link, make your tax-deductible donation, and help us expand the Hearth Community.