Each year Ashland High School holds something called the “Mr. Grizz Contest.”  Two boys from each class are nominated to compete for the title of Mr. Grizz (short for Ashland Grizzlies).  It’s like a spoof of the old beauty contests, an evening where the boys dance, display a talent, perform skits, answer questions, and wear different outfits.  The boys also raise money for the Children’s Mircale Network and all the proceeds from the evening show go to the CMN. One of the requirements of the show this year was that each boy make a “Day in the Life” video.  Noah Yaconelli was crowned “Mr. Grizz,” in a large part because of his video titled, “A Day in the Life of Wayne Thorson.”  The video is a storyline that takes place here in our local community, so I thought it would be of interest to Hearth fans.  Here it is: