letting goGrowing Up Girl is now available on KSKQ.ORG! Four hundred people came out to hear six local woman tell creative, compelling, vulnerable stories of growing up female. Now you can hear the stories and the music from last night’s event at KSKQ. The evening will be broadcast Saturday, December 10th at 2pm or go to the following  link and download. A special thank you to storytellers Julie Gillis, Jessica De Nova, Alicia Hwang, Lora Phillippi, Ana Byers, and Nancy Linton. Also grateful to Ava DeRosier, Kimberly StarKey, Daisy Schmeling, Grace and Joseph Yaconelli for music.

Each Hearth event is created by a group of “amateurs.” The etymology of amateur refers to someone who does something “for the love of it.” Last Thursday night at our Spring Hearth event, “Letting Go,” we had beautiful songs and stories shared by local amateurs–people willing to perform for the love of their local community. Over 380 came out and together we raised over $1400 for Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice as well as another $300 or so directly for The Hearth.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, especially Shirley and Michael Remington who manage the concessions. Thanks to all of our “amateur” storytellers–Jim Titus, Emma Durbin, Adam Marx, Cat Gould, Dee Anne Everson, and Jack Wiens. Thank you to musicians Lisa Spencer, Karen Wennlund, Nancy Spencer, Susannah Cole, Noah and Joseph Yaconelli. Our next event is June 11th.

You can listen to this past Hearth event at KSKQ (89.5) this Wednesday at 1pm or download it at The Hearth Radio Hour on KSKQ here.

The theme is Border Crossings and funds will benefit Oregon Action. See you there.